Session 8: Come Have Breakfast

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This is Part 2 of my blog posts about the Gospel of John, Chapter 21.

come have breakfastWhat should a disciple do while waiting for Jesus to come again? Peter decided to use his waiting time to go fishing, and six other disciples decided to go with him (John 21:2-3).

Now, I am not criticizing Peter for going on a fishing trip. After all, he had been a professional fisherman and so going back to the familiarity of his old life provided a serene vacation during anxious times.

We all should take a break. God provided Sabbaths and festivals to the Jews to accommodate their need for rest and restoration (Mark 2:27). Pastor Francis Frangipane states, “The rest we seek is not merely a rejuvenation of our energy; it is the exchange of energy: our life for God’s…” (Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God – 1986).

The danger comes when returning to the familiar means that we return to old unfruitful sinful habits (See Eph. 5:11-12). For instance, the Israelites went back to idolatry and threatened to go back to Egypt while they waited for Moses to consult with God on Mt. Sinai. Additionally, while David wasted his time hanging around his palace, he committed adultery with Bathsheba. Be careful! Waiting for God in the wrong way leads to tragedy.

One of my dear Christian brothers wrote a testimony about how he often went back to his old familiar life as an alcoholic and a drug addict in-between going to church on Sundays and men’s ministry events. Beloved, this should not be. We have been given much grace and are free to do many things, but Peter, the Fisher of Men, commands of us, “Do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil” (1 Pet. 2:16).

Peter and the other disciples had been professional fishermen. So, it was strange that their long night of fishing did not yield a single catch. Was this the way life would be from now on? Was there only failure and frustration in their future? Not hardly! Sometimes, we learn best when we come from a position of humility. For in as much as we think that we are waiting for God, God is patiently waiting for us on the shore – waiting to show us his mercy and his power (John 21:4).

What did the stranger on the shore tell the disciples and what was the result (John 21:6)? When they obeyed the stranger and threw their nets on the right side of the boat, a miracle occurred. All of their combined strength made it difficult to haul in their nets full of fish.

It was the disciple whom Jesus loved who recognized that the stranger on the shore was Jesus. (John typically spoke of himself in the third person in his gospel account.) Then, Peter must have had a flashback to a similar event (See Luke 5:4-6, 8-10). Indeed, this was Jesus’ modus operandi. The revelation that the stranger was Jesus inspired the impulsive Peter to jump from the boat into the water to swim to the shore to see Jesus face-to-face. There, Jesus invited the disciples, “Come and have breakfast” (John 21:12).

In 1979, a stranger approached me during a break in the accounting class that I was failing. He was a young Korean evangelist named Elijah Park. And he said timidly and in broken English, “Would you come and have one-to-one Bible study with me?” I didn’t recognize him at first. But later, I realized it was actually Jesus inviting me to break a long night of fasting and failures to have close fellowship with Him. Do you hear His voice? Will you come and have breakfast with us?

  1. Jeff Rehfeld

    In reading this it comes to mind that I too went back to the old life of alcohol and Jesus came to me. And put his hand out so I can take it and he pulled me up. For that I am grateful and now I am 4 years sober. Now, I have many disciples and shepherds around me. And they help me everyday. In Christ Love – Jeffrey

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