brett-clemmer“No amount of success at work can compensate for failure at home,” said Brett Clemmer, the guest speaker at the 8th annual MAN ON FIRE Conference.

The title of the seminar was called “Success That Matters”, materials developed by Man in the Mirror Ministries, a national Christian organization.  Session outlines were provided to each participant as the speaker led them through four Biblically based topics: 1) Finding Purpose in Your Life, 2) Finding Respect and Honor at Home, 3) Finding a New Best Friend in Your Wife, and 4) Finding a Deeper Relationship with God.

After each session talk, the men continued the discussion in breakout groups at their tables using the discussion questions.  These provided additional insights into the topics and built new relationships among the attendees.

The speaker indicated that men often focus on wrong priorities; that we are pursuing the worldly treasures of money and notoriety.  As a result, the things that really matter, like fulfilling our God-ordained purpose to love Jesus and help build His kingdom, are ignored.

Brett shared about his own struggle when he sought success marketing the products of an up-and-coming software company.  He traveled all over the country to talk about his product with anyone who might listen while his relationship with his family floundered.  His wife summarized her frustration with him by saying, “It’s easier when you’re not here.”  Ouch!  In the end, he was in danger of losing both his business and his family.

Brett told the participants how to encourage their children by spending time with them, encouraging them with words, and praying for them regularly.   The men learned how to make deposits in their wives emotional bank account and give them first place in their lives.

Finally, the men learned how to build a deeper relationship with God by practicing five spiritual disciplines of growing men: active church involvement, quiet time, discipleship group, accountability, and personal ministry.  Brett indicated that the turning point in our lives is when we stop seeking the God we want and start seeking the God who is.

The conference participants were exhorted to continue meeting with weekly discipleship groups.  A six-session Life Plan (a flexible self-guided road map for personal growth) was provided to each participant.  Over 20 men volunteered to lead the discipleship groups.

What is the Life Plan?  The life plan covers topics for men such as overcoming cultural Christianity obstacles, family and spiritual life, our calling, life management, and personal growth.  The life plan concludes by challenging each man to select at least 2 other men to hold him accountable by meeting together for at least 6 weeks.  “Every day men fail because they don’t have anyone to whom they must give an answer,” said Brett.

Over fifty of the men provided written feedback regarding the seminar.  It was all very positive.  The men really liked the speaker, the materials, and the table talk group discussions.  Fifteen men recommitted their lives to Christ, two made first time commitments.   One of the men commented … “this was a very timely seminar for me personally.  I needed to hear these messages and refocus my life on God’s priorities.  I am going back to my church and let my pastor know that we need to encourage more men to participate in these Man on Fire Seminars.”

Over 130 men from 10 area churches participated.  Our thanks go to Mt. Oak Church for making their facility available and for preparing and serving the dinner and breakfast.  And we especially thank Brett Clemmer for his outstanding presentation and for Man in the Mirror’s excellent materials.

What will be the outcome of this event?  We pray that it will be men who are saved, who save their families, and impact their church and their city.  We pray that it will result in men on fire for success that matters.

Are you a man living in the Bowie area and want to join one of the men’s discipleship groups?  Contact us.

First published 2011-12-07. Al Goff.